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Scientific achievements

Scientific achievements

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In recent years, the company mainly organized 7 project, 36, scientific and technological achievements and formed authorized 27 national patents, including nine enterprises has its own technical know-how, application in the oil pump, hydraulic fitting bolt, hydraulic coupling and other hydraulic system and special equipment for research and development, process, production process.Project development results applied to all products, product form large-scale production, achieve the industrialization of good economic benefits. Companies to participate in the industry standard: CB/T4226-2013 formulation of Marine hydraulic coupling, products in jiangsu province high-tech products that get CCS type approval certificate, by the wuxi city product quality supervision and inspection and test all the indexes accord with standard, by the users, meet the requirements of customers, used in good condition, success into various areas, large ships, stable performance, reduce the production cost, good user feedback, achieved good economic and social benefits.

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