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Hydraulic coupling


The hydraulic coupling is used in the connection between the axle of the ship's main propulsion shaft and the shaft, shaft and gearbox power output flange or host power output flange,

In comparison, due to the small additional stress on the shaft, according to the provisions of the classification societies allowed to reduce the shaft diameter of 10%, flange-type hydraulic shafts can be installed to compensate for the hull construction error, the province

To adjust the shaft, and the shaft does not need to match and other processes, can reduce the total construction costs of the shaft. The use of hydraulic coupling easy assembly and disassembly, can be used repeatedly, the use of security can be

Rely on the same life with the ship, more and more users and shipyards to accept, and widely used in metallurgy, electricity, oil refining and chemical industries

working principle:

The outer surface of the inner sleeve of the hydraulic coupling and the inner surface of the outer casing are made to have the same tapered surface. The use of high-pressure oil to expand the coat, and rely on the axial pressure to move the jacket on the sleeve. After moving to the design position, remove the high-pressure oil, the jacket tightened on the shaft, the use of jacket and inner sleeve, the inner sleeve and the friction between the shaft to pass the torque.

Features: safe and reliable, no need to re-axis and coupling on the keyway, to avoid the stress concentration, while reversing its working state of the same, no impact, the maximum torque transmission can be calculated by the torque test bed On the test and verification, loading and unloading aspects.

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