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Hydraulic bolts


Hydraulic bolts are products with high technical added value. By means of the process of reforming the traditional tight (hinged) bolts, the reaming of the hinges on the flanges can be allowed to be greatly reduced. It can be widely used in the shipbuilding industry and other machinery industry, has been widely used in foreign countries. To my company for many years to manufacture marine hydraulic equipment experience, the manufacture of hydraulic bolts superior quality, easy and reliable assembly and assembly, to ensure that "an investment, life-long use."

The hydraulic bolts are made of studs with outer tapered face, bolts with inner tapered surface and two nuts. The outer diameter of the bolt sleeve is smaller than the inner diameter of the bolt diameter to ensure that the bolted bolt is easy to penetrate into the bolt hole , And after the application of axial pressure, the bolt sleeve radial expansion, to ensure close fit, and then tighten the nut; the use of nut and flange between the friction and screw hole and hydraulic tight fit between the shear resistance Transmit torque. After the axial force is removed, the outer diameter of the bolt sleeve is restored to the original size

The company's hydraulic bolts, which is characterized in the screw surface by a variety of low-temperature liquid non-metallic elements common penetration treatment, can withstand high Biya, can be in the oil-free state for relative movement, and may be appropriate to control the non-metallic elements Ratio, the friction coefficient of the assembly and unloading movement to reduce the company's hydraulic bolts can withstand 280N / mm ², shear stress and 280-330N / mm ² bolt tensile stress, and to install the bolt between the bolt and the largest hole between the hole The gap is 15% of the diameter of the bolt, comparable with the world famous company's products.

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